Captain Morgan’s Retreat is proud to be affiliated with Interval International, one of the larges timeshare exchange platforms in the world.

Captain Morgan’s owners are able to have a membership with Interval International to exchange their Timeshare week by “depositing” it with Interval International, and then using that credit towards a stay at another Interval International affiliated property.

How to deposit a week with Interval International

In order for an owner to deposit a week with Interval International, you must first be an Interval International member.

  • If the owner is already a member, the first step is to make a reservation with your home resort (Captain Morgan’s Retreat).
  • One of our agents will work with you to help determine the maximum available value for your exchange.
  • Once you receive a reservation confirmation from your home resort, you can then go to Interval International with the reservation details.

Important Information about Deposits

Interval International offers a number of exchange options to their members, but the only option we recommend to our owners is “Deposit First”.

In the Deposit First model, an owner has to book a week with their home resort first, and then deposit it with Interval International.

Once our office confirms their deposit, the owner may submit multiple requests to stay at different resorts (Interval recommends a minimum of 3-4 requests).

Under the Deposit First model, an owner may travel 2 years before and 2 years after the week that they have deposits. For example: an owner depositing a week for December 1, 2021 could use that credit for a stay anytime between December 1, 2019 and December 1, 2023.

The Travel Demand Index (TDI) is a factor in the “value” of an owner’s week. A higher demand week will give the owner a greater credit towards a stay at another resort.

Shelf-life is also a factor in a deposit. If the week being deposited is coming up quickly, it will have less value (since it is harder to obtain a last-minute booking).

Additional Information

Interval International has great resources to help you with your exchange. Click here to view more information about Interval International Exchanges.

If you wish to speak to an Interval International representative, you can call 1.800.INTERVAL (1.800.468.3782), full contact details and hours of operation can be found here.

Exchange Policies

  • Timeshare Owners may place an Exchange reservation with Captain Morgan’s Retreat using an available week.
  • The maintenance fees must be paid for the year being booked before an Exchange reservation confirmation will be issued.
  • If a reservation is being made for a future year where maintenance fees have not yet been invoiced, the Timeshare Accounting Dept will calculate the fees that will be due and inform the owner.
  • Once a confirmation is received from the Captain Morgan’s Retreat timeshare office, the Exchange reservation may be deposited with Interval International to receive credit towards a stay at another resort.
  • Owners are responsible for depositing their reservations with Interval International.
  • Owners must have an active account with Interval International in order to participate in Exchanges.
  • Owners are responsible for any Interval International account or exchange fees.
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