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Exciting News Timeshare Owners

With our new building coming soon, seize the moment with this promotion exclusively to our timeshare owners. Book any rental units available and get a 30% owner discount per night stay. No matter the time of year or your contact type. There are two ways to book your room and use this promotion: 

   1. Extend your stay with us with the 30% Discount immediately after your timeshare week or, 

   2. Book your rental room for another period of the year which the 30% owner discount is still applicable. 

And to make things more exciting for you, our timeshare owners, we will be giving a 15% discount for guest/friends of owners. Restrictions will apply for this one as we want to make sure they are indeed owner’s guest. Our front desk crew will be more that happy to explain over a phone call or email. 

Immerse yourself in the Captain Morgan’s Experience further!!!!

Don’t miss out on this Deal!!! 

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